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The Painting of Liberty

Canadian contemporary expressionist painter, Ran Andrews created a modern interpretation of Liberty for exhibition at the Biennale d'ell Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy. This United Nations 'Dialogue Among Nations' event showcases 800 contemporary artists from 80 countries. This magnificent 60 x 50 inch oil painting on canvas illustrates a 21st century look at the ancient Roman goddess of personal freedom.

I suppose the best description of Mr. Andrews production to date would be diverse multi-media. After a lifetime of eclectic work encompassing the full spectrum of the visual arts he has become internationally known for his creative advertising campaigns, graphic art, book design, underground new media and in the last few years his bold, vibrantly colourful expressionist paintings...
Artists Without Frontiers, London UK 2003

Mr. Andrews contends that the purpose of the contemporary artist is to crystalize the popular mythology of the times in which he lives and celebrate the radiance of being in that society.

On Liberty

In Roman mythology, Liberty is Libertas, the goddess of freedom. Originally a deity of personal freedom, she has evolved over the years to become the goddess of the inherant freedom instilled in mankind. Her temples were found on the Aventine Hill and the Forum. She was first depicted on the Roman coin known as the denarius as a female figure wearing a pileus (a felt cap, worn by slaves when they were set free), and as such she represented the daily wage of a labourer.

Mr. Andrews depicts liberty as a warrior in battle dress uniform to remind us that the fight for liberty is an eternal struggle. Using the same metaphor Eugene Delacroix's famous 1830 painting 'Liberty Leading the People' became iconic of the French Revolution.

This modern liberty holds the torch of reason high in her strong right hand as she strides through the wasteland. The society in the background (where she has been) has become enlightened. On her left shoulder patch is a depiction of the Statue of Liberty and reminds us of the best known depiction of Liberty by Bertholdi and acts as a homage to the symbolic personal freedom it represents. On her right shoulder patch is the symbol of the mother goddess as planet earth which symbolizes that she works for a higher power than any mere political entities and is embodied in each and every one of us. In her navel is a fashionable purple amythest gem representing the virtue of compassion. On her head is stylish felt beret (her liberty cap emblazoned with a stylized ancient depiction of the torch of reason. Her left hand with its purple finger raised represents the modern icon for the democratic vote, symbolizing responsibility and reminds us that true liberty equals reason balanced by responsibility.

More Goddesses by Ran Andrews

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Nemesis: she whom none can escape

In Greek mythology, Nemesis is the goddess of divine justice and vengeance.

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